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There is a subtle and lasting beauty to a Hand painted sign that will add an inviting warmth.

Love is a SIGN was named after brilliant song by Australian band The Go Betweens. I have a love for traditional Australian signs that you see in small rural towns or old suburban shops. There's nothing like simple, effective sign. less is always more.



Love is a SIGN is centered around the talents of Inner West signwriter, Ann Woo.


Ann's focus is on traditional signwriting methods. She prides herself on simple, yet effective, layout and design.


Ann's love of signwriting began in her school days, as she spent hours creating the perfect title page on her exercise books.


She has collaborated with many local signwriters and well known mural artists.


She holds a Certificate III in Signage & ​SOA in Traditional Signwriting, Pictorials & Gilding from Sydney TAFE.

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